Portorož / Portorose


Our next Slovenian destination was the coast. I realised I hadn’t bathed in the sea for four years! It was so refreshing and relaxing! The Adriatic is so clean and endlessly blue on the east coast – that might be one of the reasons why Croatia is so popular with Czech tourists. But Slovenia gets unjustly overlooked, considering that it is even closer to our country. Well, the better for me, it’s not nearly as overcrowded and it still retains its genuinely personal character.


We were staying at a hostel half way between Portorož/Portorose (a busy vacation resort overflowing with luxury hotels and eager tourists) and Piran (an amazing historical town I intend to feature in my next post). We were so lucky to be staying literally across the road from a public beach! And thanks to the glorious weather we went to swim in the sea every day, and only on our last night there was a huge thunderstorm. Generally, I am not a great fan of beach holidays but this one was perfect.


Here, take a look at some idyllic holiday pictures I took:

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