Julian Alps & Lake Bled / Julijske Alpe in Blejsko Jezero


I’ve just come back from an amazing long holiday in Slovenia. I spent two weeks travelling around the country with my parents. It was my first time visiting the country so I didn’t really know what to expect – and I was absolutely captured by its beauties. And even its language: Slovenian is very close to Czech in many respects, yet properly understanding it is still very hard for me. Once you’ve got over all the false cognates (e.g. Slovenian for ‘child’ is Czech for ‘slave’) though, it’s not so difficult to read it.


Our first stop was the area of Julian Alps, more particularly near Lake Bled. It’s an extraordinary place where one can easily get lost in the dense forests, and awe at the incredibly steep slopes of the mountains, which seem to rise out of nothing. There are actually two big lakes very close to each other – Lake Bled, which is the most famous one, and Lake Bohinj, which is Slovenia’s largest one. Both are so beautiful and picturesque, it’s hard to believe.


Here’s a tiny gallery of the best photos of Lake Bled and it’s surroundings I’ve taken:

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