Arabian Night


This post is yet another one I haven’t dedicated to my clothes but to my hobbies. This time I present you one of the few sports activities I not only enjoy but actually do on a regular basis: belly dancing. I started – amazingly enough! – ten years ago but with an inconsistent schedule and moving around the country/city I’ve never attended one place long enough to develop rapidly and to frequent weekly courses for longer than two semesters in a row. But I’ve always been very keen and loved it, and I’ve even performed a couple of times. These photos are from my latest public performance, which took place last Sunday and was a sort of a formal ending of my course. I had only attended the course from February until the end of June but it made me want to take up proper belly dancing courses again in September. Meanwhile in the summer I’ll have to resort to occasional seminars and specialised lessons (e.g. dancing with veils or a saidi cane). In the pictures you can see me and my course mates dancing a routine we had practiced, and there are some photos of my make-up and costume – you certainly recognise the skirt from one of my recent posts, and I am proud to say I decorated the bra myself.

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