Fresh off the Runway


Considering I do not usually follow fashion trends – as that makes me look like everyone else in the herd – I found it quite surprising that there actually is a rule I took to quite happily: combine the uncombinable. In the latest H&M magazine I came across an article about dresses and the easy and creative ways they can be worn. Turns out, the latest fashion gurus follow fashion show models in their “fresh off the runway” looks – while they’re still wearing the beautiful, expensive dresses, they quickly change into trainers or converse so they don’t have to run around the backstage on high heels.


I think that’s a brilliant idea as I love my lace dress and I like wearing it quite casually but when I pair it with pumps, I feel kinda overdressed (unless I’m going for a party or a formal dinner – but neither happens very often). So I just slip on my platform sneakers, add a vintage handbag, a belt and a subtle piece of jewellery – and suddenly I look (and feel) as comfy and hip as ever.jun_01c

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