A Bag with a Beard


Yet another post to prove my point – I adore canvas bags. I bought this one on the very day these photos were taken. I fell in love with it instantly because it perfectly illustrates what my boyfriend would look like if he was a sailor and spent several months at sea without cutting his hair or trimming his beard. I found it in my new favourite shop called Tiger. The store chain was founded in Denmark but they’ve spread all over Europe and now they’re even in Japan.


Another good thing about the tote is that it perfectly matches loads of my clothes. I’ve already mentioned that I love royal blue like a hundred times, and this lovely bag falls into the schema nicely. And even if I was just wearing black and grey (which – let’s face it – will probably not happen), the little bearded sailor would definitely add a pinch of cuteness and an unusual look to the otherwise very simple outfit.


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