The Museum Night


On Saturday late evening, there was a huge event happening in Brno – the museum night. It’s a yearly thing but I’d only gone twice before. It is a wonderful opportunity to visit most museums and galleries in the city for free or for very, very little. They are open between 6 p.m. and midnight for one day only, and it’s always a Saturday. (Afterwards, everything goes back to normal – normal opening hours and normal prices.)


The problem is that everyone is suddenly interested in visiting all the museums so the city is crowded and there are long queues everywhere. This year we tried to get into four places and, as we didn’t want to wait for hours, we only got into two! But they were worth it: Mendel Museum (dedicated to Johann Gregor Mendel, a Moravian abbot who is called “the father of genetics”) and Moravian Gallery of Contemporary Art. There was an origami workshop, and my boyfriend folded this glowing bird for me!


Overall, I think it was great, although we didn’t get to visit all the places we were interested in. The atmosphere was amazing, and it was nice to do something different again!


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