Professional Pink


Recently I discovered the beauty of a white shirt, colourful cardigan and a statement necklace peeking from underneath the collar. It’s been a thing for a while and I adore the look, but it took me some time to collect a few of those necklaces (and especially find ones that would be really pretty but at the same time wouldn’t ruin me financially) and find another shirt that would actually fit me. The one in the pictures is by Vero Moda and I bought it in a second-hand shop.


Another great thing about this outfit besides the clothes and jewellery is the handbag. It is a lovely duo-colour piece in shades of purple. It used to be my mum’s but then she gave it to me. Combined with all the other things I’m wearing in the photos, it makes a good office outfit, and I look quite professional in it. It could almost make one think I’m not a student anymore.


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