A Swedish Choir Concert


This post is not so much about fashion as it is about another of my hobbies: singing. I’ve been singing either solo or in a choir since I was seven – that is for almost twenty years! When I started going to university, I had a several years’ break but luckily, last year I started singing again. I joined the choir of the Department of Scandinavian Studies. And this year I was even asked to join the chamber choir! I was so pleased! To make things clear – I cannot speak Swedish. However, my sister can (in Autumn I even visited her in Stockholm – see my Stockholm post), and I only know about the choir thanks to her.


On the 30 April Sweden celebrates Walpurgis Eve (or Valborg). So do we Czechs but the tradition is much less significant here. For this occasion, our chamber choir was invited to perform at the Swedish embassy in Prague. It is a yearly thing, and everyone is always looking forward to going there. Last Thursday it was the first time for me. We’d been practising all March and April, and there was just fifteen of us going to Prague. We put on our “uniforms” (decorated with little blue flowers), and – in the words of the ambassador – we were fabulous.


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