The Wall


For quite some time I was dreaming of a hip pair of platform sneakers – and my idea varied from full colour black to lacey white ones. It seems that this year they’ve properly come into fashion, and all of a sudden you can buy them in every shop on the high street. In the end, I decided for the ones that seemed the most unusual (and therefore the least popular – there were full racks of them in the shop, whereas the black classic was gone), and I absolutely fell in love with them – grey with animal print and a thick white sole. I found them at H&M.


They are amazing. So comfortable – in the words of my sister, “unlike in thin plimsolls, you don’t feel every single bit of stone you step on”. And they elevate every outfit to a high-fashion level. Even plain jeans. Here I decided to wear them with my midi skirt, a loose t-shit (bought in the men’s section of H&M), and an elegant, smallish handbag – a combination of my dreams. My absolute favourite!


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