The Garden City


A beautiful day in the beautiful city of Kroměříž. On Saturday the weather was perfect once again so in the morning we embarked on yet another trip to yet another UNESCO Cultural Heritage site – Kroměříž aka the Garden City. As the nickname suggests, the town is famous for its parks and gardens, specifically the Chateau park (designed in the style of a romantic English garden) and the Flower garden (made in the style of a classical French garden).


We travelled to Kroměříž by bus, and as I’d visited it before, I knew the way around the town. We started out walk in the Chateau park, which was sunny and quite warm but the trees provided some shade. It was amazing just to stroll around. Afterwards we peeped into the chateau courtyard and walked around the square before we sat down to have lunch at the wonderful La Fresca. Finally, we went through the city to the Flower garden where we walked along the cloyster and ran around the maze.


It was a lovely day, and you can take a look at some photos of Kroměříž in the gallery below.

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