Colourful Retro


In this weather I can finally put on all the amazing clothes I hunted down on Vinted. Like this amazing retro skirt. Originally it comes from Next and it is so new that it arrived with labels still on when I got it in exchange for a pair of leggings which did not fit me at all. Exchanging clothes has become one of my favourite past-times.


Thanks to Vinted I’ve exchanged a great number of clothes. Obviously, it does not always work out – sometimes a t-shirt is too short, a blazer does not quite fit or shoes are not the right size at all. Luckily, the web is full of people eager to send you a lovely necklace if you send them a lipstick that does not suit you. It is like shopping without money, and what’s more, you feel like clothing you don’t want to wear anymore won’t be just thrown away – so you basically kill two birds with one stone.


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