Along the River


On Saturday I woke up late. Last week was quite long and demanding, and I needed to get some sleep. However, I woke up to a beautiful, incredibly warm day. I sacrificed all the time I’d intended to use to do my school work to a wonderful long walk along the river with my boyfriend (and my camera). I did not regret a single minute – I needed to take my mind off what I usually do at weekends (i.e. sit and read or translate), and I enjoyed the day immensely.


The sun was shining, a light breeze was blowing and flowers were blooming – doesn’t it sound like a miracle? It was – and I felt so relaxed! It was warm but not too hot so I kept my flowy cardigan on most of the time. Instead of my usual pair of glasses I put my lenses in, and walked around in sunglasses. It almost felt like a summer holiday.


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