Good Friday


Just before Easter, winter struck again. We spend a week fighting our way through snow, rain, rain and snow, wind, and at times the sky was perfectly clear. Every year we are surprised yet every year it happens – a week or two of what we call April weather. The general rule says that one should not rely on the spring weather until Easter is over. And as Easter came relatively late this year, we’ve had snow even after April began, and even after those two weeks of wearing just a light trenchcoat.


Good Friday was indeed a good Friday – the sun decided to show up again, and even though it was quite windy, it was relatively warm. I went for a nice light lunch with my boyfriend to a place called Savec (which means “mammal”). As I still try to observe some traditions, I did not eat meat all day and I only had a bowl of salad with goat’s cheese. And I dressed up quite nicely for that occassion – I was wearing my super-favourite outfit: a beige and blue striped top together with beige and red polka dot tights. The cognac-coloured bag gave a nice earthy touch to the whole combination.

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