Blue Dreaming


Another sunny day. I love these early spring days. There is something in the air creating an atmosphere of wooziness and languor. Last Friday, when this was shot, was like that. I guess it takes some time for flowers, trees and birds to wake up, and I can’t help feeling that it affects people as well. Later in the spring the overall sleepiness is overcome by bursts of energy and sun and colours.


So last Friday, I put on my favourite pair of skinny jeans and beige oxfords to let my socks peek out again. I toned the whole outfit in blue but I wanted it to be a bit different, a bit more interesting, than just the simple “jeans and a jumper” type of thing. So I decided to go for the cute (and quite popular) combination of a statement necklace and a shirt, and I put on my turquoise piece – a beautiful souvenir from Brighton. It’s amazing, and you can be sure that this is not the last time you see it here.


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