Sunny Monday Lunch (a guest appearance)


Last Monday was such a beautiful day! It was warm and sunny – an ideal time for a nice, light lunch and a walk in the park. Luckily, one of my lessons was cancelled so I had plenty of time to get ready in the morning and meet my boyfriend in town. We had lunch in Podnebí (meaning “climate”), one of our favourite alternative cafés which have become quite abundant in Brno.


I was wearing pretty pastel outfit, including my favourite bit – colourful socks peeking out between my shoes and trousers. This time I decided to wear a pair decorated with tiny moustaches in various colours. Interestingly enough, I did not buy them myself, as much as I would if I saw them in a shop; they were in fact a gift from my boyfriend’s mum.


After lunch my boyfriend and I took a short walk around Špilberk – a hill right in the centre of Brno, with a beautiful park, a net of walking paths and benches for everyone to sit on. I knew that I would be around town until the evening so I had my spring coat with me but in that early afternoon I did not need it at all. We stopped by a fence covered in vines and took pictures of each other.


My boyfriend was wise enough to bring his sunglasses with him, I should have done that, too. He was wearing his amazing new jacket from H&M’s David Beckham collection and a lovely collarless shirt. Another reason for me to like springtime.


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