The Eclipse


On Friday, the first day of spring, we Europeans had the chance to see the sun eclipse. The weather was great and the sky completely clear, and I even had a floppy disc I used to look through at the sun. I even managed to take a picture through the tape:


But as the Czech Republic is situated right in the centre of Europe, I did not get to see much (England or Scotland would have been much better). As you can see in the photo, there is only a tiny tiny indent in the sun’s shape on the lower right. But hey, better than nothing!


The outfit I was wearing on such an occasion was this not-too-crazy combination of black/grey and red and gold. I proudly introduce my new pair of “winter” shorts! Finally I managed to find one that was cheap, nice and well-fitting at the same time. The set of jewellery you can see in the pictures is from the Modernist collection (AVON). I love the look of it because it reminds me of one of my favourite jewellery brands, the Viennese Frey Wille.


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