Feeling Electric


Spring is finally here! I can tell: the sunshine is unmistakably getting warmer and also more frequent, trees are greening up and there are daffodils and various flowers all around (even in the picture above you can see tiny little purple blooms). Everyone is getting distracted by the prospect of getting rid of their winter coats and slipping into light jackets or just t-shirts. Even my university teachers have got a bit less strict. Such optimistic weather simply must make everyone a bit more optimistic, am I right?


Yesterday the temperature went really high up, and it was already possible to walk around just in a cardigan, even for me. I only had one lecture and the rest of the day I spent with my various family members. I did not even mind doing the shopping because it meant that I would spend a good few minutes walking outside. The more opportunities to show my face to the sun, the better.


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