Lunch at The Goose


I like Fridays. I do not have to go to any lectures, sometimes I have to teach but if so, it is only one lesson. I always go shopping for food with my boyfriend (which is not the best part as I hate fighting through crowds of people at the dairy products section and queuing at a till just to be greeted by an annoyed cashier) but first we usually have a nice lunch or a coffee somewhere in town. Last Friday we went to one of our favourite restaurants, Potrefená Husa. (Strangely enough, it means ‘a shot goose’, and the name comes from an old Czech saying.)


I was wearing quite a simple combo of a lovely dark blue jumper with glitter and silver threads, red jeans and a set of quartz jewellery. It was still quite cold, apparently it was snowing in the mountains  the whole week, so instead of taking advantage of the spring pieces in my wardrobe I had to choose something appropriate for the late winter weather. The jumper was a good choice – it has the priceless quality of being neither too thick or too thin. And it’s super comfortable (which might be even more important).


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