Dancing Shoes


Today I remebered my old dancing classes – with a strange mixture of feelings. The tradition in the Czech Republic “dictates” that when you’re sixteen you are supposed to attend ballroom dancing lessons with the whole of your secondary school class. (I am being serious – I know that to foreigners it may sound strange but I guess it is similar to American high school prom tradition.) I adore dancing, and I adore ballroom dancing. And I even enjoyed attending the classes. The problem was that not very many other people did. What a pity!

mar_04bWhen I was learning to dance, to most classes I wore this very outfit. Well, apart from the shoes, I had a different pair back then. But otherwise it’s complete – the bright pink dress and the fairy set of a necklace and earrings. I must admit, I’d like to start dancing again, and learn it properly this time. I’ve already investigated some of the local dance studios, and if everything works out (my schedule especially), I might start attending lindy hop classes with my boyfriend later this year!


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