Casual Denim


I am so impatient to see the real spring that I’ve been trying on all sorts of new spring clothes and looking out for fresh pieces to include in my wardrobe. This outfit is a strange mixture of old and new. The summery pink lipstick is a recent addition to my collection, and the t-shirt, shoes and trousers are all relatively (or completely) new, too – I haven’t even worn the plimsolls outside yet.


However, the handbag and the waistcoat are pretty old. I recently sold them both on Vinted but I thought that for the first and the last time I would show them off here. I must say I’m quite satisfied with the result, the outfit looks fresh and playful. The t-shirt is an interesting piece especially. I like colourful, unusual prints, and this one simply appeared in my Vinted feed one day. I arranged an exchange and got it for an old pair of jeans. Lucky!


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