Winter Red


The winterest of my winter posts comes right at the very end of winter itself! My new jumper, in a classic combination of red and white and a snow flake pattern, was indeed another of my Christmas presents. I wanted something warm and traditional but with a modern twist, and even though I like all those deer patterns but it’s more of my sister’s domain (she studies Swedish). This is a lovely piece from H&M, and I discovered it when in fact, I was looking for a mustard-yellow sweater.


I can already tell that the spring is approaching. So much so it’s actually become a bit too warm for this outfit. I don’t really mind that this winter is coming to an end but I wanted to celebrate it with the last post of this February. Initially, I was a bit worried that the “winter part” of my blog would be hard to do and very boring (and given the weather circumstances, I could’t take many interesting pictures outside, hence the white background in most of my photos) but I am actually very happy with how it turned out! I hope my winter collection was enjoyable for you, too.


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