The Town of Tábor


After January’s long exam period and a number of translations I had to submit to pass my courses, I extremely appreciated the holiday my boyfriend and I had planned since November. It is important for you to know that in the Czech Republic everyone goes on holiday in winter, out of which 90% go skiing and 9% travel to warm sunny places like Egypt or Tunisia. The remaining one percent (including us) visits more or less distant towns and cities. At this time of year they are not touristy at all and they look magical, especially if there is a lot of snow.


So this year we decided to visit a south-bohemian town of Tábor. I visited it with my parents some years ago but for my boyfriend it was his first trip. The town itself is beautiful: it was built as a Hussite fortress in the 15th century, and the historical centre is still very compact and you can tell its borders easily. There were no tourists in the town whatsoever (apart from a few guests at the hotel) but in summer it is relatively sought-after. It is not that far away from the border so I imagine it might be quite popular with Austrian tourist as well.


And here are some photos of Tábor itself:

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