Riding a Dala Horse


Tadaaaaaaa! I am pround to present my amazing new winter ‘riding’ boots! If I knew how to ride a horse, this would definitely be what my best riding outfit would look like. Well, since I have no idea how to do that, I can at least wear it to town. When buying the shoes, I was extremely lucky. I intelligently planned the trip for one of the first weekends of January just in time for the winter sales. And the first pair of shoes in the first shop I walked into happened to be the one!


Another lovely feature of this post is the sweet little Dala horse brooch. I got it from my sister – a souvenir from the town of Falun, the centre of the Swedish region Dalarna. You already know my great Vero Moda coat, and the last part of my outfit is the 7/8 red jeans, another awesome bargain. I got them in exchange for one of my plain skirts via Vinted – a website where you can buy and exchange clothes, shoes and cosmetics with other members. It operates in several European countries and in the US.


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