Dream Winter Coat


This amazing coat! I was dreaming about a new winter coat for over a year. Obviously, I didn’t really think about it in the summer but now it became very topical again. I also decided that I wanted a dark blue one because it’s not so common as black but it looks great with everything. However, I was also facing the eternal problem of finding a coat that is cheap and beautiful at the same time. And I was lucky! I managed to catch probably the last  discounted piece in my size at the Czech e-shop Zoot. (Check it out even if you’re not Czech because you’ll love what you see!)

jan15_04bThe coat itself is by Vero Moda, which is a Danish fashion brand. In the end, I got it for Christmas from my parents. I was so thrilled! It is not super thick but I can easily wear a warm sweater underneath (and it still fits perfectly and doesn’t look stuffed). It is wonderfully elegant but, as you can see, it looks great even with a fedora, big one-shoulder bag and a pair of solid winter boots.


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