The New Year’s Eve in Beautiful Dresden

I haven’t posted anything for two weeks, I know – but here I come with a valid excuse!

First of all, the internet connection at my house was down for the whole of Christmas holidays. It was okay, I thought, an since I only got my first smart phone just now, I did not have the chance to get addicted (yes, this Christmas, yes, it is my first, and yes, I had survived quite okay without it). Well, it was alright until I realised I had to register my university courses for next semester. Luckily, by then everything had been fixed.

More importantly, though, I spend the week after Christmas, including the New Year’s Eve, in the wonderful German city of Dresden! I had visited it twice but for my boyfriend it was his first trip to Germany. And it was certainly worth it. The weather finally decided that it was winter so it was snowing a lot, and the temperatures were below zero but everything looked like in a fairy tale! And you can see for yourself, just peep into my gallery.

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