The Lady of the Night


Even in winter, or perhaps more often than at any other time of year, we go out, hvae fun and take part in all sorts of social activities, formal events, family and other dinners… And it’s not difficult to find all sorts of suggestions of appropriate outfits – beautiful black dresses, high-heeled shoes, scarves… Yes, but the minute you remember it’s about zero degrees outside, these are simply not an option. So I tried to look into my own wardrobe and find something warm yet elegant and quite formal. And here it is. A combination of darker colours, quality jewellery and an interesting clutch will do the trick. And, red lipstick, but with me it somehow goes without saying.


My lovely wine-red midi skirt is new. I got it at Stradivarius. The ruffled turtleneck is quite an old piece, a hand-me-down from my sister. The earrings come from a set I got from my great aunt, apparently a family jewel. And finally, the clutch was a gift – my parents bought it for me in Italy. It comes from the collection of the Milan-based brand Y Not?


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