Foxy Lady


This is an outfit I was wearing when I ventured out of the woods to the Factory Fashion Market. It is usually a two- or three-day-long event happening twice or thrice a year, featuring local fashion shows, local DJ’s and, most importantly for me, local fashion designers. As you can probably imagine, the whole “party” is a celebration of alternative fashion ideas, and this October’s market was no exception. What a place for a person like me!


The main object I wanted to show off was my new handbag, originally meant to be a tin lunchbox. It has a cute fox print on both sides, and that’s why I love it so much! I bought it at Tiger. My black see-through shirt comes from KappAhl, and so do my grey shorts. The yellow woolen tights are from Lindex, and my old brown shoes are from Deichmann. In the photos I am also wearing a quality, hand-made leather belt I got from my mum. She bought it for me at


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