Autumn Leaves


Isn’t it a beautiful sight – all the autumn leaves, gathered on the ground, in various colours, hues and shades, ranging from dark green and brown to yellow, orange and red. And I’m trying to fit in with one of my preferred outfits. I can’t help thinking that the dress and the shoes look like they were made for each other – and for this season. And when it gets cold, I just wrap up in a cosy coat and a scarf.

nov14_02bI bought the dress at Terranova (I like some of the clothes they sell but unfortunately, they don’t happen to be of a great quality, or so I’ve heard. My stuff is still holding together alright.) and the shoes at Deichmann. The coat is a wonderful, amazing and astonishing piece from Next, and I hope to continue to wear it for many years to come. The rest of my outfit is of mixed origin: the bag is a hand-me-down from my mum, the scarf comes from a stall at an Irish music festival I visited some six or seven years ago, and the locket is a treasure I found in one of the shops in my favourite German town – Passau.


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