Red Roses in a Sunny Room


This is the first outfit of this month! And for a change, the pictures are taken in the warmth of my home – it’s getting really cold outside. On this day I was quite lucky to catch the last afternoon sunrays, just before the end of the Summer Time. (Doesn’t that sound poetic? Well, what I mean is just that after the time change, afternoons are getting gradually darker and more depressing.)


As the name of the post hints, the “centrepiece” of this outfit is the tights with tiny embroidery-like roses. I got them as a gift from my mum but I happen to know that she bought them at Calzedonia. The combination of the red short-sleeved pullover and the dark turquoise long-sleeved top (both from Camaïeu) is one of my favourites but I must admit I like the pullover even more when worn over a patterned shirt (typically one with white and black stripes). As for my earrings, I also got them as a present, and they come from SIX.


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