Purple Haze


Purple is one of my favourite colours. It seems that it’s even been quite fashionable in the last couple of years – especially in autumn and winter. It indeed has a great potential as you can happily combine it with black, grey and silver, which are possibly the most popular winter colours. My outfit proves and makes the best of this trend. It is simple and toned down but still interesting thanks to the cute top and the tights (naturally).


The striped top is a very old piece from my wardrobe – so old that Jeans Club, the shop I bought it in, does not even exist anymore. The chain was quite popular here and in Hungary but it closed down in 2011. Nonetheless, they still have a Facebook page, which is actually quite a sad sight. The skirt is my favourite piece from H&M and the shoes come from Shoe Zone. As for the tights, they are also quite old, and memorable especially because they were one of my first truly colourful ones. Last, but not least, in the pictures I’m also wearing a necklace with my name – one I got as a present from my mum after she’d bought it at ONstyle.


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