This outfit is a combination of all the things I like: interesting top, comfortable skirt, tights (of course!), ballerina flats, artistic earrings and a bold-coloured handbag. Also, it is what I personally call an everyday outfit. The skirt and the shoes are the basics; and you just choose the rest according to your mood or needs!


I bought my top with “wings” at a second-hand shop but originally it comes from H&M. So does the skirt. The shoes are my far-too-often-worn flats from Shoe Zone, and the amazing handbag is a hand-me-down from my mum. She bought it in a small shop in an equally small town nearby. Originally, there was a net with sequins on the front side of the bag but I decided to cut it off because I like the minimalist style and, as I’ve already said, the bold colour of the bag. And the cherry on top is a pair of lovely earrings which I got as a present from my boyfriend. He bought them at LoveMusic, a local shop selling unusual, alternative and handmade clothes and jewellery. Each of the earrings is made of resin covering a small, round picture – a tiny version of “Automne”, a work by Alphonse Mucha, my favourite Czech artist.


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