Dancing Dots


This is one of my favourite outfits. It’s simple, yet interesting. To be honest, almost every top (colourful shirts and unusual t-shirts especially) look great with the stable base – woolen “winter” shorts, black tights (the thicker, the better) and black flats. Black tights are, by the way, extremely flattering, and in combination with black shoes, they make your legs appear longer. The top is again one of the very few button-through shirts I wear, and it is thanks to its material – it is basically a t-shirt, made of soft cotton fabric, not the stiff kind which is so difficult to adjust and maintain. Also, if you swap the patterned top for a unicolour one, you can go crazy with accessories.


My lovely top comes from Lindex, and I’ve had it for a couple of years so it’s not in their collection anymore. The shorts are from KappAhl, and I’m afraid I might have to replace them soon because I’ve been wearing them so often that they’re about to fall apart. You can get black tights in any shop you please, and I really recommend slightly thicker ones because not only do they look better but they are less prone to get torn. And my shoes, of course – my new “staple” from Shoe Zone.


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