Blue Mustard


I must admit that I adore the combination of blue and green. In Czech there’s a saying which, loosely translated, says that such a mix is only good for a madman. Perhaps that’s why I like it even more! One of my many favourite shades of these two colours are represented in this outfit – thick, mustard – almost yellowish – green, and bold turquoise. They go surprisingly well together, and they are both very flattering  if you’re a ginger or a redhead because they stand somewhere on the other side of the colour spectrum.


My mustard-coloured cardigan comes from C&A, and my amazing chino trousers are from Camaïeu. For shoes I put on an elegant pair of vintage-looking beige pumps with a layered “Oxford” toe – I bought them at Deichmann. And my lovely jewellery set (also combining mustard and blue!) comes from one of many jewellery makers registered at (the Czech version of Etsy); unfortunately, I can’t be more specific because it was a present from my mum.


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