British Legs


You might recognise this second-hand denim shirt from my Flowery Speech post. Here I used it in my favourite way: to show off these awesome British leggings. I got them as a gift from my boyfriend, and he bought them at Tezenis (which is a very popular shop here but unfortunately, apart from their leggings and tights, nothing from their collection seems to fit me).


Because this outfit is very light-hearted and playful, it goes well with the coral-coloured sneakers. I bought them in Berlin, in the summer. They come from Osco, and you can still buy them in their e-shop. Their lovely, bright colour is what drew me to them. I put on some matching accessories, and these were: a thin red woven belt from Camaïeu I got as part of a three-piece set for Christmas, some three years ago, then a bracelet with red and metallic beads from my mum, and earrings I made myself with some vintage plastic beads.


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