Peeking Peacock


In the spring I bought two wonderful long and flowing cardigans at H&M: a grey one I really needed, and this amazing, floral one I really loved. It’s so light, and the pattern is so romantic and subtle that it’s almost fairy-like. In the summer, it looks great with shorts or a tight skirt, and here I present my autumnal version with my favourite Camaïeu trousers. My lack of black clothes and preference of dark blue works for me here because the gentle floral print would be “killed” by the sharp contrast.


There’s always the issue of mixing prints. Some fashion magazines tell us to go for it no matter what it takes, and on the other side of the scale there are people who don’t risk anything and go for unicolour clothing only. I like something in between, and you can see it here, too: the floral cardigan looks very good over a striped t-shirt of the same (or similar) colour combination. I bought mine at Next in London, two years ago. As for shoes, I chose my lovely turquoise Bullboxer lace-ups, and as an accessory, I went for a pair of big peacock earrings I’d made myself.


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