Sing with the Swing

sept14_08aI am a fan of electro swing and swing music in general so naturally I am thrilled that at the end of this week there’s an electro swing festival taking place in my hometown. I decided to celebrate this by wearing a wonderful, vintage-looking, 1920’s style dress I bought at KappAhl (sadly, their local store closed last year).


I adore the piece, especially because it really looks vintage. The bead decoration is amazing but the stitches and hems aren’t quite firm so I have to adjust and resew them from time to time to make sure everything is in place. As you can probably see, it’s not a dress for everyday wear but I’ve happily used it for themed parties, dancing and formal occasions.


In my vintage rage I also bought these great nylon tights with visible seams. Both they and the shoes come from Humanic. And as the cherry on top, I added my awesome fascinator. Unfortunately, I don’t know where it comes from because it was a Christmas present from my sister. However, Accessorize has a number of very similar ones.


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