Italian Style


I really like the look of ankle-length skinny trousers combined with flats. They create a sort of a casual, yet elegant look, and I guess that’s what we all aim for; at least from time to time. Naturally, to complete the set you need a well-fitting top which doesn’t clash with the rest, and interesting accessories that suit the whole outfit. That is what I call Italian style.


The top I chose is a beautiful, light piece from Bershka. I bought it when I was studying in Budapest, and I have to take good care of it because it looks very delicate. As for the trousers, I bought these dark blue ones at Camaïeu because I needed a good, universal pair that goes with everything. I didn’t want to buy jeans because everyone wears them every day, everywhere they go, and I don’t even like them so much, but I also realised that blue was definitely more for me than black, the colour of colours.


Speaking of Italian stuff, the shoes I’m wearing in these pictures are actually Italian. Real leather, too – I was wearing the same ones in my Flowery Speech post. I think the bag comes from AVON, and its indeterminate greyish colour makes it a great match for many pieces of clothing. And I am also very proud of my pearl collar necklace. It turned out to be a wonderful discovery at New Yorker (which, by the way, also means it was quite cheap – roughly 300 CZK, which is 12 € or £9).


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