The Union Jack


Having just come back from England, I want to carry on the feeling and the atmosphere for a bit longer, and this outfit is the right one to serve as a sort of a “commemoration”. I have a thing for colourful and patterned tights so I really had to buy these from Claire’s in London two years ago. Amazingly enough, I also managed to find them on Amazon.


With such patterned tights, it is probably best to stick to a dress in one colour. Black or grey would be nice but I went for a bold red piece from Stradivarius. I like it for its 3/4 length sleeves, flowing skirt and a good, fitting cut. I’m not usually a fan of red coloured dresses and tops but this one is a remarkable exception. In the photos I’m also wearing my favourite pair of grey plimsolls from CCC. I’ve been wearing them so much and so often that they’re almost falling apart. And as for my jewellery set – a bracelet and a necklace with giant pearl beads – I got it from my grandma, but where she bought it will probably remain a secret, even for me.


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