Office Hours


If you work with a great number of very diverse people or you even happen to be a language teacher (my case), you are probably well aware of the fact that various situations require various attires. When you have to deal with a wild group of teenagers, you probably feel comfortable enough in nothing more than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but when it comes to teaching business English to corporate clients (who are, most of the time, also quite smartly dressed), you need to adapt.



As a staple of my smart wardrobe, I present this lovely black and violet chequered dress from Orsay. Thanks to the cute decorative bow it looks nice by itself, with no accessories – or maybe just a watch (like the one in the top picture – Eternal Love from Avon) or a pair of subtle earrings.

sept14_04csept14_04dOn cooler days you might naturally find yourself in need of an extra layer. My all-time favourite is this black army jacket from Camaïeu. I bought it because I wanted to treat myself a bit after my secondary-school-leaving exam, even though I wasn’t sure I would wear it much. As usual, I grew very fond of it and I wear it very, very often – it goes with everything, be it smart or casual clothing.


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