Swallow Simplicity


Even I have to calm down sometimes and put on something simple. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be beautiful and stylish! The centrepiece of this early Autumnal outfit is the wonderful powder pink skirt with polkadots. It is actually my first trophy from the Genesis second-hand shop but originally it comes from Promod. I appreciate the soft material and the black details.

sept14_03b sept14_03c

I paired it with a plain black top with pretty frilly rims and a bow. As for shoes, I chose just a pair black flats which I wear with almost anything. (And I think that bare feet work with it too.) Other options for this outfit could be a white or grey top, or even a white formal shirt or blouse but my experience says that black is the best. However, I might test the skirt’s potential in winter, with thick woolen tights, boots and a huge sweater.


Finally, my love for detail comes to life when I get to choose the earrings. I went for a beautiful, subtle pair of swallows that comes from the London-based indie chain Tatty Devine. I love their unique jewellery, and I bought these little birds as a souvenir last year. They still sell them in a red version.

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