Flowery Speech


I used to dislike leggings. I am not a big fan of knee-length pieces, and I think that wearing leggings of any type or colour as a substitute for trousers is not only a fashion faux-pas but utterly degrading. However, I came to like long, patterned models, and I discovered that the ultimate universal top part was a long denim shirt or a dress. I bought mine in a second-hand shop called Genesis (it’s a chain, actually, and this is their biggest store) for 50 CZK, which is less than two Euros. It simply goes with everything. It’s a size or two bigger than what I usually buy so I find it necessary to wear a belt with it. The one in the picture is actually a very beautiful silk scarf I got from my mum several years ago.













I got these beatiful floral leggings from my grandma for last Christmas (but I’d chosen them myself, of course). I found them at Lindex, they don’t sell them anymore but these tights are pretty close. They are quite thin so I can only wear them at this time of year, when it’s still relatively warm. They look very nice with the cream-coloured ballerina flats, my favourites. I bought them in a tiny shoe shop in Lucca, Italy. Considering they are made of real leather, and apparently produced in Italy itself, they weren’t even expensive – they cost roughly 25€.



As a cute little curiosity, you can see a small fake tattoo on my wrist in the picture above. That’s my good friend Matylda. The jewellery I chose for this outfit is a lovely mismatch of glass beads. The bracelets are of the produce of the Czech company Jablonex: interestingly enough, my country used to be a great exporter of glass jewellery and glassware in general. The industry’s had a great tradition especially in the mountainous parts of Northern and Eastern Bohemia, and some producers are active even today. I must say that I’m quite proud of this. The earrings I’m wearing in the photos are also made with Jablonex glass beads but I made them myself. I’m planning to open my own e-shop so hopefully I’ll be able to supply you with a link soon.


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