Look into My Eye


A couple of weeks ago I went on a trip to Berlin with my sister. It turned out that even for me, a child of Post-communism, East Berlin and its unusual atmosphere of twisted historical legacy, bohemian subcultures and the desire for all the novelty of the Western world, was the most interesting part of the whole holiday.

On one of the sidestreets of the quarter of Friedrichshein, in a small, alternative shop called Blackdoor Beauty, I discovered this amazing t-shirt. And although it seemed a bit too big, I couldn’t resist. The combination of blue and purple on a cute Picasso-esque print caught my eye immediately.



I must say I’m quite thrilled to have it because it really is one of a kind, and I will hardly see anyone wearing the very same piece of clothing. Probably to my own loss, I usually dismiss the “think about at least five things to wear it with” rule, but I must say that this time it work out well. T-shirts are easy. In addition to the usual jeans and shorts, I discovered I could pair this one with my good old dark turquoise pleated skirt from H&M. (It is no longer a part of their collection but you can find it and some other ones on ebay.) As an accessory I chose a pretty lilac bangle I got from my parents as a souvenir from their trip to Madeira. It looks like glass but it’s actually acrylic. It was bought from a local designer but I found similar ones on Etsy. And to finish off, I slipped on my favourite bright blue Bullboxer shoes.


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